GuideMia Ortho+

GuideMia Ortho+ has all the functions for

  • orthodontic tooth alignment (treatment planning)
  • clear aligner planning and model design
  • bracket planning
  • bracket bonding guide design
  • report generation

GuideMia Ortho+ is the first commercial software with CBCT processing and root/bone modeling.

Registering intra-oral scans with CBCT data, users can visualize how teeth are moved against the adjacent bones and soft tissues. This is extremely critical to assure safety and feasibility of a treatment plan, and opens a lot of clinical possibilities for our orthodontists and general practitioners.

The system can also simulate jaw movements and help users to check occlusions in various jaw positions.

Tooth segmentations are all automatic, arch curves are created with current tooth arrangements and ideal arch shapes, tooth movement plan can be automatically generated with nice arch shape and occlusion relationships.

GuideMia Ortho+ has very comprehensive functions to tooth movements planning. Users can define not only the movement orders, but also set key frames, stages, etc.

You want user-defined attachments, automatic IPR caculation, occlusion checking, scan file fixing? You want a lot more, and we have a lot more.

Moreover, GuideMia Ortho+ has a SmartReplan(TM) module, which can takean intrao-oral scan during the treatment course and reevaluate the tooth movement plans, and automatically generate the alginer models for the rest of the steps.

GuideMia’s Bracket Bonding Guide, also known as Adaptive Bonding Guide, is the first in the industry that makes single material printouts as bonding guides without additional materials and fabrication steps. Users can make segmented guides or full arch guides. With US patents pending and China patents awarded, GuideMia’s bracket bonding greatly reshaped the fixed orthodontics treatment planning.

With GuideMia’s surgical guide technology, GuideMia Ortho+ can design surgical guides for anchorage implants.

GuideMia OrthoClic

GuideMia OrthoClic is our chairside software serving for two purposes:

  • Helping clinicians and their assistances to perform ortho treatment planning in charside within 10-15 minutes. It can take intra-oral scans or desktop scans, segment teeth, perform automatic tooth arrangement, adjust individual teeth, simulate movement, generate IPR values, generate reports.
  • Working with GuideMia Ortho+ designers. Send project files to the designers, or open projects from the designers and adjust final tooth movements.
  • The system can also perform bracket placement and movemen simulation, therefore, works for both clear aligner and bracket treatments.

GuideMia OrthoClic has a carefully crafted user interface. It is a lot more simpler than design version, needs very limited user inputs, and encapsulate advanced functions is a highly organzied workflow.

In the meantime, the software user interface is more clinician friendly. It has a more modern style than designer version, and has very high quality  visualiztion and rendering of CBCT data, STL files, intra-oral scans from open scanners like Carestream, Panda, Shining 3D, Medit, etc.

Frank Gao Talking about GuideMia Ortho+ Solutions


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