Implant Software

Back in 2012, when the dental industry had only two surgical guide service providers and a few closed software systems, GuideMia’s Implant System was released with almost all the features found in today’s market. As a turnkey system with tremendous functionalities and flexibility, GuideMia has been used in both simple and complex cases. It has handled single tooth immediate extractions, full arch reconstructions with stackable guides, immediate reconstructions, zygomatic implants, and more. GuideMia has been widely used among customers from 15 countries for their day to day practices and lab services. Over the years, we have expanded application fields while still allowing users to work with the same interface and tools that they are used to.

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Orthodontic Software

As the second FDA cleared system under the  orthodontic software category and the very first to integrate CBCT and optical scans, GuideMia offers an unparalleled orthodontic treatment planning and appliance design system. GuideMia Ortho+ is a fully integrated lab solution for both clear aligners and Direct Bracket Bonding guide designs. The clear aligner design workflow enriched by CBCT data has greatly improved treatment feasibility, safety and reliability. GuideMia’s patented Direct Bonding Guide is your ultimate guide solution featuring single material full arch design and printing, bracket brand independency, and much more. In just two minutes, you can get the simplest guide design in the world.

GuideMia OrthoClic is our clinical version of the system featuring a simple user interface focusing critical features and patient communication.

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Design Services

Digital treatment planning can be extremely time consuming and technically challenging. With more than 20 years of experience from advisors in Italy, Germany, the US, China, Israel, and Canada and an excellent design team, however, we offer treatment planning for you. We design your orthodontic models for aligners and bracket bonding guides, as well as special guides including those for tooth extraction, sinus lifting, orthognathic treatment, and more.

Our workflow is simple. Ordering, uploading data, and seeing results can all be conducted through our website and emails.

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Designer Community

The GuideMia Designer Community is an online resources for GuideMia software, training, treatment plan discussions, and community building. This open platform allows users to contribute their knowledge into helping others  master Guide software systems, providing training to our clients, providing freelance design, and getting paid by their qualified services provided to our clients. Experienced GuideMia users may sign up for the design community, participate in our digital journey, and share the success. We will be  also building our community so designers can sell their design services with us.


Aligners or Alliances

Aligners? How about alliances?

With a strategic partnership, we can drive the world together.

We work with dental labs and service providers globally by offering free software and training, and partners offer aligners to all our software clients with more affordable design because our partners will not have the overhead of design team. With our strong software team and clinical experience as well as our designer community, we help you scale your business without the burden of investing in software upfront.

If you share same philosophy for global cooperation, open system, and win-win, we can help your business grow.


Facilitating Teledentistry

With global pandemic closing many doors, we are here to help you open windows! Teledentistry comes with both great potential and uncertainty. While clear aligners directly made for consumers have been gaining increased attention, some question the safety of these treatment plans. With GuideMia’s advanced technologies, we eliminate the guess work for orthodontic treatment planning. You and your client see clearly how tooth roots will be moved. Running a business to offer aligners directly to consumers can be bumpy, but we come to rescue.

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Referring System

GuideMia’s Referring System is simple and easy. Sign up as an affiliate, generate your promotion links, share on your social network, and send to your friends or customers. That’s all you need to do. We take care of training and support, you take care of your clients as you normally do but with a new venue of customer satisfaction. You can start earning more than 20 percent of the sales today. This program is not only for distributors and resellers, but also for individuals. Openess and sharing have been our belief since the beginning, and we hope it will be yours too. This affiliate program works for not only our online offers but also offline products and services. Please refer to the affiliate program pages on the website.


GuideMia SaaS and Cloud

One might think sharing files are easy. Get a Dropbox or Wetransfer! However, digital dentistry often uses large files and workflow information which are difficult to send and share. GuideMia offers a free cloud file management system and sharing under the Digital Space menu.

Many run across the issue of design case management. Unless you have a large lab, it will be a great deal to run multiple level case management and tracking. GuideMia SaaS is specifically developed for this purpose. Ask us how you can have this on your own server.

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Practice Management System

Thanks to technology advances and the ever lowering cost of internet infrastructure, we are building our clinic management software systems for both single clinic and multiple site system.

It will be free!

Stay tuned and make sure you come back to signup for a beta tester.

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Case Study

Case Study: PFDK digital implant center, Italy

Seamless integration between GuideMia Implant Software with CAD/CAM sysems like Exocad. In this case, doctors and technicians from PFDK, Italy, presented a fully case with immediate restoration integrating the most advanced surgical planning from GuideMia and Exocad restoration design.

Case Study

GuideMia Implant Software – Tissue and bone segmentation show case

This is a case presentation from our master technician Francesco Saverio Pastore. The patient has a huge cyst in the upper jaw area. Francesco used the segmentation tools from GuideMia to segment and show the doctor how the actual cyst looks like, and to plan further treatment with the segmentation results.

Case Study

Image Guided Tooth Extraction

In this case, a 13 year old has a hidden tooth in anterior area. The doctors from Fujian Provincial Dental Hospital used GuideMia to perform treatment planning, designed the tooth extraction path and access opening, and printed the surgical guide for the operation.


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